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    How to Tell if Your Computer Has Malware?

    Sometimes computers do wacky things that ring alarm bells and make us dive for cover. Next thing you know, you’re running scans on repeat and demanding everyone come clean about their browsing habits. Fortunately, not all weird occurrences are caused by malware– sometimes your computer is simply overloaded, overheating or in desperate need of a reboot. Here are the tell-tale signs of a malware attack:

    Bizarre error messages

    Look for messages popping up from nowhere that make no sense, are poorly worded or plain gibberish – especially if they’re about a program you don’t even have. Take note of anti-virus warnings too, check the warning is from YOUR anti-virus software and looks like it should. If a message pops up that isn’t quite right, don’t click. Not even to clear or cancel the message. Close the browser or shut down the computer instead, then run a full scan.

    Suddenly deactivated anti-virus/malware protection

    You know the best way to get past the guard? Send him for a coffee break! Certain viruses are programmed to take out the security systems first, leaving you open to infection. If you reboot and your protections aren’t back on the job, you are more than likely under attack. Attempt to start the anti-virus manually and you’ll know for sure.

    Social media messages you didn’t send

    Are your friends replying to messages you never wrote? Your login details might have been hacked and your friends are now being tricked into giving up personal information or money. Change your password immediately, and advise your friends of the hack.

    Web browser acting up

    Perhaps you’ve noticed your homepage has changed, it’s using an odd search engine or opening/redirecting unwanted sites. If your browser has gone rogue, it’s definitely a virus, usually one intended to steal your personal or financial details. Skip the online banking and email until your scans come up clear and everything is working normally again.

    Sluggish performance

    If your computer speed has dropped, boot up takes an eternity and even moving the mouse has become a chore, it’s a sign that something is wrong. But not necessarily a virus. Run your anti-virus scan and if that resolves it, great. If not, your computer likely needs a tune-up or quickie repair.

    Constant computer activity

    You’re off the computer but the hard drive is going nuts, the fans are whirring, and the network lights are flashing like a disco? It’s almost like someone IS using the computer! Viruses and malware attacks use your computer resources, sometimes even more than you do. Take note of what’s normal, and what’s not.

    Virus Removal at Flag Computer Repair Ashford Kent

    Prevention is better than cure

    Its far better to use anti-virus software before you get caught out. Modern software provides much more than just anti-virus. The products I supply will protect you by

    • Preventing you from connecting to and getting infected by bad websites
    • Checking all downloaded, opened and modified files.
    • Continually monitors the behaviour of all active programs and raises an alert as soon as something suspicious occurs.
    • Providing a secure software Firewall
    • Protecting against Ransomware, Phishing, Fraud, malware in incoming and outgoing emails.
    • Controlling devices that can connect to your network.

    Do you want to let the virus run wild on your network? Do you want to leave  your machine barely protected ? Arrange an appointment to recover your computer or get setup with industry leading software today.

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