5 Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Proactive Technical Support Service

    If you are looking for the best computer help near me in  Ashford Kent and the surrounding communities of Kennington, Willesborough, Kingsnorth, Brabourne, Sellindge, Charing, Pluckley, Ham Street, Aldington, Mersham, Wye, Hothfield, Goddington, Little Chart, Brook, Egerton, Challock, Shadoxhurst and Hythe consider Flag Computer Repair, your best choice. Affordable Computer Repair Service. Local, mobile service. Industry certified. Free Collection. Proactive technical support at Flag Computer Repair Ashford Kent

    Something I often see is other IT companies “closing the barn door after the horse has bolted”. What I mean is, they are helping businesses in “emergency mode” (and charging a premium) and fixing things after data has been lost or even leaked.

    It is so much better (and cheaper) to be proactive about your businesses IT. Patching computers before the bad guys get in. Monitoring hardware and replacing it before it fails completely.

    Proactive IT support is really the safest option and that’s why I put together a new ebook
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    The best way to recover from a compromise, malware or system failure is to have a backup.

     I can provide a backup service to protect you from losing your photos and documents It will also help to protect you from Ransomware. You will be getting;

    • An Industry leading brand
    • I will manage and monitor to ensure you are protected.
    • I will provide, install and support the backup software
    • Free back recovery
    • Fully encrypted to protect your data
    • An external drive is included (if required)

    If you get the backup service as part of my Total Protection Plan, I also offer FREE virus recovery.

    Does your current provider offer that? Have you even got a backup? I offer this service from £10 per month. Contact me for more information

    I can help with:
    Computer Repair
    PC Repair
    PC Tune-up
    Virus Removal and Repair
    Network Repair
    Computer Monitoring Service
    Data Recovery
    Data Backup
    New Device Setup
    Computer Training
    Printer Repair

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