What Computer Repair Can Be Done Remotely?

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    What Computer Repair Can Be Done Remotely?

    There are many problems with isolation. I don’t want to get you started. I know it’s true, but one issue I can help with is computer repair. Yes, there are problems with your home devices that I can address remotely.

    Perhaps before sheltering in place you were willing to make do, or you’re only facing challenges now. You’re working at home, kids are online learning, and you’re sharing the same computer.

    You need to remain connected to the world and continue working, but you don’t want someone to come into your house to check your computer, and you’re not keen on going out to wait in line at a computer repair shop. Fortunately, with technology today, it’s much easier for IT experts to resolve computer issues remotely.

    Remote Repair of Home Computers

    There are many common computer issues that I can help address remotely. I’ll start out by sending you a link to download a tool that gives us remote access and control of your computer. Please know that I value your privacy. Even with this tool, I’ll still be able to access the computer only when you allow me to.

    Now, what can we do once I have eyes on your computer from my remote location? Many things.

    If you’re troubled by a slow computer, I can run diagnostics. I’ll find ways to speed up and optimize your computer to get you back in business more efficiently.

    Running into software errors? I can take a remote peek and troubleshoot the issues to get you back on track.

    The problem might be due to a virus or malicious software. A remote computer expert can identify security risks and remove viruses or spyware.

    Perhaps you have to install software for video conference calls or online learning. With remote access, IT experts can install and set up applications, and personalize them to your needs.

    Working from home has many of us setting up separate email accounts, because we need to keep personal and professional communication separate. With authorized access, remote tech support can install email and handle problems.

    Your home printer may have been up to the job when it was in use intermittently, but it’s struggling to manage the demands of everyone at home at once. Installing printer drivers and some maintenance tasks are doable through remote support.

    Then there’s the big one: data recovery. This is the one that makes people panic. You’ve lost everything! I can help recover lost files and restore peace of mind.

    Get the IT Support You Need

    Another cool thing is that you can sit back and watch me do it if you want to! I can provide this support via online chat or phone conversation. Hey, you’ve been dying to talk to another human lately, right?

    If the problem with your computer can’t be fixed remotely, I can arrange FREE pick up and drop off your device. I will wear a mask and gloves and limit contact if in-person IT help is necessary. Contact us at 07976 151148 for a remote consultation today!

    Want to see the current health of your system then click this link. It will take you to my FREE and anonymous Windows system scan

    The best way to recover from a compromise, malware or system failure is to have a backup.

     I can provide a backup service to protect you from losing your photos and documents It will also help to protect you from Ransomware. You will be getting;

    • An Industry leading brand
    • I will manage and monitor to ensure you are protected.
    • I will provide, install and support the backup software
    • Free back recovery
    • Fully encrypted to protect your data
    • An external drive is included (if required)

    If you get the backup service as part of my Total Protection Plan, I also offer FREE virus recovery.

    Does your current provider offer that? Have you even got a backup? I offer this service from £16 per month. Contact me for more information

    I send out computer tips and tricks updates twice a month, this is an example. Subscribe for FREE via This Link I’ll give you a free guide to the ‘Top Ten Tips for Staying Safe Online’ + FREE eBook “Is Your Tech Dragging You Down.”

    I can help with:
    Computer Repair
    PC Repair
    PC Tune-up
    Virus Removal and Repair
    Network Repair
    Computer Monitoring Service
    Data Recovery

    Data Backup
    New Device Setup

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