Using Microsoft Office 365 correctly

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    Using Microsoft Office 365 correctly!

    I am asked many times ‘How do I get Microsoft Office.” There are 5 options to consider.
    The main thing to remember is that office is licensed per person not per computer. So, if you are a family the best choice is Office 365 Home. You can have up to 6 persons using this version on 1 license.
    If you use your computer for

    • A for-profit business, whether incorporated or unincorporated
    • A registered or unregistered non-profit or charity
    • A self-employed individual’s revenue-generating business activities

     then this is commercial use and you will require a business version of office. Each user requires a license! In addition, the business versions allow you to use encrypted One Drive online storage, keeping your data secure and allowing compliance with GDPR.

    All ‘personal’ versions use unencrypted One Drive storage. This means that if your online storage is hacked or compromised, the data can be seen. If you want encrypted online storage, then consider moving to a business version. 

    Option 1
    If within the family somebody has Office 365 Home they have a licenses to use on 6PC/MAC & 6 Phones & 6 Tablets that they own. So, check first to see if they have some spare licenses.

    Option 2
    Microsoft Office online is a free version. It is restricted in functionality but if you’re a light user without the need for all the bells and whistles, it may be right for you. Give it a try to see if it will do what you need it to. It will be unsuitable for use at school though. Schools will be using Microsoft Office to prepare students for the digital workforce! Full functionality will be required.

    Option 3
    Office 2016 is a standalone basic product that costs £119 as a one-off fee. It is for one user on one computer and doesn’t have any online additions like One Drive. If you need Outlook or Publisher, then this is not the version for you. Each additional user account on the computer will need to pay the one-off fee to use.

    Option 4
    You can buy an annual subscription for Office 365 Personal £59.99 per annum or Home £79.99 per annum. Both will allow access to online services and include Outlook & Publisher. Personal is for one user on one computer. Home is for up to 6 users in the same household and allows installation on 6 PC/MAC & 6 Phones & 6 Tablets.

    Beware of buying cheap Microsoft licenses online even at Amazon. Microsoft doesn’t authorise its licenses to be sold in this way, so it is not unknown for software to stop after a few months when they blacklist in bulk, the license keys. They may also contain viruses or malware.

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